Privatisation in Tanzania

The Consolidated Holding Corporation (CHC) of Tanzania fully understands that information is power and that's why every effort is being made to inform the general public about the privatisation programme as much as possible i.e. to such extent which would not compromise on going transactions with legal implications.

Following below is a list of topics about the privatisation programme in Tanzania which we think might be of interest to the general public in general and investors in particular. We are aware however, that the information might not be exhaustive to suit particular interest and that's why we welcome comments and suggestions on more and more topics of interest in order to keep you more informed:

The following topics are included:

        • The Need for Privatisation-Why is it necessary
        • Privitisation Policy- What are the guiding principles
        • Historical Perspective-How it started in Tanzania
        • Objectives of Privatisation-What we want to achieve
        • Privatisation Strategy-Which way, what options are there
        • Privatisation Process and Methods-How it is done
        • Ownership and Control - why ownership is an issue
        • Valuation - which one and why we need to have one
        • Fears about Privitisation - myths and reality
        • Incentives to investors - everybody else is privitising, why not Tanzania

Select the topic of your interest on the list below:

More information:

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